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Prepare for Sustainability Demands Coming Your Way


  • Conduct Interviews to Understand Current Sustainability Practices
  • Organize and Leverage Existing Metrics to Help Validate Current Practices







Identify Sustainability Opportunities


  • Perform Water Resource Analysis

  • Integrate Healthy Soil Efforts into Sustainability Plans

  • Develop and Implement Customized Waste Management

  • Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)



Generate Sustainability Communications


  • Communicate Current Sustainability Practices and Progress
  • Respond to Buyer Surveys and Perform Self-Assessments
  • Generate Text, Photo and Video Content for Web

Core Services


Measure to Improve provides the experience and leadership
to assist companies accurately measure their sustainability effort, improve it, and effectively communicate it to the stakeholder in and outside the organization. Every program is customized for the specific needs of the client. Here is an overview of our services.

Planting the Seed Index is intended to provide clients with a baseline overview of their current sustainability efforts using Measure to Improve’s twelve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Based on international standards and industry recognized practices, the index is a practice-based approach to evaluate the sustainability of an agricultural operation. Within 3 to 4 weeks we will organize and document your operation’s current sustainability initiatives while identifying opportunities to improve your overall sustainability portfolio. 


Benefits of Planting the Seed Index

• A quick evaluation of your organizations overall sustainability efforts

• A unique tool for companies who want to define their sustainability priorities and take action

Measure to Improve will implement specific KPI programs that support a client’s current sustainability efforts. MTI uses industry established methods, nationally and internationally recognized standards. Services include creating a Sustainability Dashboard, assessing current KPI statuses, and identifying opportunities for improvement and costs savings. We will also facilitate comprehensive work plans and implementation projects to help achieve short, medium and long-term sustainability goals.  


Benefits of Growing the KPI:

• “In-house” support from a team of sustainability professionals and industry experts; without the additional costs of an internal sustainability team

• Implement up to three KPI program simultaneous 

• Customized training procedures and education materials are created to enhance your sustainability program throughout your organization

• Comprehensive Sustainability Reports are  generated to help you tell your story internally and externally 

Measure to Improve offers a broad portfolio of customized sustainability communication tools: 

• Newsletters and press releases

• Website content

• Fact sheets/ brochures

• Monthly/yearly sustainability reports

• Quick reference sheets for sales & marketing

• Training and education materials

• Representation at conferences and
industry events

• Meet the Grower™ Campaign

Measure to Improve can assist clients with completing buyer surveys and self-assessments using organized data collection and industry specific analytical techniques. Measure to Improve has proven experience responding to a variety of industry surveys and assessments.

Measure to Improve is experienced in collecting organizing and visualizing an operation’s Key Performance Indicator achievements into a customized Sustainability Dashboard, taking the frustration and time out of data management. Our desktop audits identify data gaps and opportunities for additional data needed to validate improvements for sustainability efforts made across the organization.           


Benefits of Harvesting the Data:

• Efficient data collection housed in one centralized and easy to use location

• A customized dashboard that supports multiple levels of analysis to help make operational and managerial decisions and track KPI’s progress over time

• Readily available data can be used to respond to supplier surveys, validate compliance with regulatory mandates, apply for industry’s awards, justify long-term capital investments, and show process improvements

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