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Measure to Improve simplifies
the path toward sustainability.



Measure: Create the baseline by documenting where you are today—we will also create the narrative about sustainability efforts you’ve done up to now, even if past improvements are difficult to quantify.


Improve: Identify, research, rank and recommend new sustainability programs with the highest return on investment.


Market: Help tell your sustainability story in a comprehensive, unique and credible way. We help validate your claims to reduce the risk of “green washing.”


Empower: Teach your organization to think and act sustainably.



Measure to Improve’s work is 100% guaranteed


MTI’s work is guaranteed. If you do not believe we have met your objectives we will refund fees as appropriate.



Confidentiality is our #1 Priority


Measure to Improve takes the security and confidentiality of your business’s information extremely seriously.  We use non-disclosure agreements and secure file management systems to ensure that your information stays with us.

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