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History of Measure to Improve (MTI)


Measure to Improve was founded in 2014 by Nikki Cossio, whose family has been farming in California for generations.  Nikki has spent her life and career in the produce industry, and started Measure to Improve with the goal of becoming a full- service sustainability consulting firm for the fresh produce industry.  Measure to Improve helps clients communicate their sustainability stories credibly, proactively, and without “green washing.”  Under the guidance of Measure to Improve, growers and shippers build sustainability and transparency in to their practices, rather than waiting for local, state, and national mandates. The company strives to assist the fresh produce industry in measuring and validating efficiencies and improvements as companies continue to adopt more resourceful measures.



Why is this so important? 


For any type of business, tracking existing practices and developing new sustainability efforts are an ideal way to take responsibility for environmental and social impacts. Clearly communicated sustainability efforts are a growing point of interest for produce consumers, and can also serve as a strategy for companies to differentiate themselves from domestic and international competition. Measure to Improve offers a comprehensive set of solutions to serve all of its clients’ sustainability needs. From growers to shippers & processors, organic to conventional, large and small, Measure to Improve works to address sustainability throughout the entirety of the fresh produce industry.



Measure to Improve is a Certified B Corp 


We are honored to be part of an elite community of organizations working collectively to make the global economy more sustainable, inclusive, and fair.

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