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“Measure to Improve (MTI), absolutely exceeded my expectations.  We had a very specific, yet complex objective and they helped us to achieve it. I highly recommend enlisting MTI, for your company’s sustainability goals!”

Garland Perkins, Director, Sr Manager
Innovation & Sustainability, OPPY 

“Measure to Improve delivered from Day 1. The MTI team worked closely with key industry stakeholders bringing together and analyzing numerous amounts of complex information and reporting on it all in a simplified way. Navigating the topic of sustainability is multifaceted and evolving regularly, and their guidance throughout the process was vital. Their thorough communication, sense of urgency and follow-through enabled successful completion of the work in a timely manner.”

Joshua Rahm, Director, Technical and Regulatory Affairs, California Walnut Commission 


“This project was a natural fit for GoodFarms. Investing in sustainability is a core value for the company because it simultaneously improves the quality of our products and the quality of lives by protecting our ecosystem and preserving natural resources for future generations." 
Amalia Zimmerman-Lommel, Director of Social Responsibility, GoodFarms 
“We have saved money and generated funds through increased recycling and waste reduction programs. Every single company should get started, because there are financial savings along with positive environmental impacts.” 
Jeff Madu, Vice President of Sales, Windset Farms 
“Implementing Produce & Reduce has helped us increase efficiency and generate long-term business value by fostering a culture of sustainability and responsible resource management. By investing in our workforce through such training programs, we are creating a lasting positive impact on the bottom line and the environment.”
Johnny Arriaga, Senior Plant Operations Manager, Misionero 
“The team has gained immense knowledge and skills during the Produce & Reduce program. We were able to build a foundation in a way that best suits our unique organizational needs, and we look forward to continuing to build onto the program with more social accountability initiatives.”
Nicole Zapata, Marketing Director, Misionero  
“Over the years Nikki Cossio has proven to be a valuable asset to our family of businesses in many ways. She has helped us grow with a healthy focus on energy savings and protecting the environment. Her mantra of “Measure to Improve” has made total sense for our future and growth.”
Bob Martin, Gen. Mgr. Rio Farms
Nikki Cossio has extensive knowledge of sustainability practices and policies. She was instrumental in helping us create a unique experience at Limoneira that enabled us to showcase our sustainability practices to our important targets.
John Chamberlain, Vice President of Global Marketing
Limoneira Company

MTI was great to work with. They showed a great sense of urgency for the work we needed to complete and helped us meet our deadline.  The team members we worked with are all great communicators who responded quickly and in an organized way. We appreciated their ability to prioritize and clearly explain deliverables and requests.
Lindsey Occhipinti, Marketing Manager
Monterey Mushroom

Nikki is a visionary leader in agricultural and food production sustainability, from growing to processing to supporting the sustainability efforts of her customers. She is a uniquely talented and experienced problem-solver and ambassador for the industry!
Brian Hrudka, Entrepreneurial Marketer
(Previously Bayer Crop Science)

Salinas Valley Recycles works in collaboration with Measure To Improve to implement comprehensive recycling programs for local ag-related businesses Our partnership with MTI has allowed our agency and local businesses to benefit from MTI’s expertise in recycling and waste management programs but also in working towards over-all sustainability and zero waste as a real possibility in the ag community.
Mandy Brooks, SVR Recycling Coordinator
Measure to Improve has helped Greener Fields Together take a more innovative approach to waste reduction. Prior to working with Measure to Improve, we were simply measuring the sustainability efforts in our supplier network. Now, with the direction and services of Measure to Improve, we are able to offer our suppliers a comprehensive waste reduction program complete with resources and templates that will facilitate continuous improvement at the supplier level. Nikki (Rodoni) Cossio and the Measure to Improve team have been wonderful to work with, and they take a proactive approach to accomplishing our shared goals. I would recommend Measure to Improve to anyone who is looking for a dedicated team of incredibly knowledgeable sustainability professionals with many years in the agriculture industry.
Anne Nichols, Sustainability Manager For ProAct
I have been extremely impressed with the efforts, results in communication and detail they have provided. Sustainability is a very detailed and cumbersome process at times and to have a partner like MTI to guide us through that process is invaluable.
Dan Canales, Senior Vice President Sales, Marketing & Processing
Ippolito International
It was a pleasure working with you and your team at MTI! I just want to take a moment to thank you for the quality service you provided us with our 100-year Centennial Celebration for Salinas Land Company and California Orchard Company. I can't say enough about the way you and your team stepped up to the challenges during the planning of the 100-year Centennial Celebration. Your engaging style and creative interactive really set the tone for a very successful event.
We were extremely lucky to have your kind of talent to plan our event. I'm sure your dynamic style and talent would be an asset to any event.
Brad Rice, General Manager
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