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Measure to Improve’s (MTI’s) Buyer Survey Support allows clients to respond accurately, completely, and confidently to buyer sustainability information requests. By developing systems and training client team members, MTI creates processes that allow staff to complete surveys more efficiently and utilize what they learn to solve business problems, improve operations, more closely align with buyer sustainability programs, and tell their company’s sustainability story to both buyers and consumers.


Retailers such as Walmart, Costco, and Kroger are collecting information from their suppliers to understand and market the sustainability of their products. Some buyers are even beginning to make purchasing decisions based on supplier responses. These requests are driven by growing consumer demand for sustainable products.



• Make progress toward preferred supplier status with buyers

• Open up opportunities to set goals, track progress, and showcase sustainability achievements

• Streamline the reporting process

• Build an on-ramp to telling your sustainability story

• Develop a better understanding of your sustainability practices and business opportunities

• Credibly and confidently make sustainability claims


MTI provides clients with the tools and training to streamline and expand their reporting to buyer sustainability surveys. MTI guides clients through all steps of the reporting process, highlighting existing

achievements and opportunities for improvement.


Clients receive support prioritizing sustainability topics and survey questions to develop their reporting strategy. They also receive guidance and training on what data to collect. MTI forms a Green Team, which brings together staff from across your organization to support completing the survey. We also give guidance on response

submission and wrap up with a debrief presentation, highlighting opportunities to improve the reporting process, score, and sustainability practices.

• A reporting strategy based on your unique sustainability goals.

• Data collection guidance and training for your team.

• Support preparing and submitting your survey responses.

• A presentation summarizing your performance and opportunities for improvement.


about our Core Programs and Services


Can't quite find a service that suits your organization's sustainability needs?

We would like to know.

MTI can offer sustainability support and services outside our

Core Programs and Services.

Our Sustainability Certification Support program guides clients through every step to achieving certification - from selecting the right standard to preparing documentation to completing an audit. Using custom tools and templates and leveraging our team of experts, clients can feel confident this program will help them exceed the certification's requirements and maintain their certification year on year.

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