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In today’s rapidly changing consumer and business landscape, sustainability has become a cost of doing business. Whether it is changing consumer and buyer demand, investor’s increasing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements, or new regulations, successful business leaders are proactively implementing sustainability initiatives and practices to protect and grow their businesses.

A well-rounded sustainable business strategy aims to positively impact the environment, society (community and employees), and the bottom line. A well-executed sustainable business strategy also doubles as a risk mitigation strategy, as all three areas pose significant risks to all businesses.

Our Sustainability Strategy Planning Service helps clients identify, prioritize, and communicate their current sustainability efforts and target sustainability improvements that align with company values and have a strong business case. A strategic roadmap can help an organization set, measure, and achieve its sustainability goals, identify and initiate supply chain-wide initiatives to increase resilience, and communicate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities to investors.


• Proactively address market demand and regulatory pressures

• Preferred supplier standing with major retailers and distributors

• Track, communicate, and validate sustainability outcomes

• Create an overall framework that organizes efforts and motivates staff

• Identify business efficiencies and cost savings opportunities

• Articulate clear ESG initiatives for investors and buyers

• Set sustainability goals and priorities

• Builds a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded marketplace

• Build momentum across supply chain


Measure to Improve (MTI) works with clients and their leadership team to assess a company’s sustainability position by understanding their priorities, business opportunities and risks, and competitive landscapes. From there, we craft a Strategic Sustainability Framework, which includes goals and an action plan.

In the end, clients walk away confident in responding to inquiries about sustainability, knowing what sustainability claims can be validated, and have direction on how they want to move forward. MTI builds clients a roadmap to guide them through the evolving sustainability landscape.


Through a 4 to 6 months planning period, MTI delivers a clear Strategic Sustainability Framework and messaging that helps clients build a culture of sustainability attracting and retaining talent, informing investors and customers on sustainability efforts and goals, and building a basis to substantiate progress. The Framework is designed to add value throughout the supply chain, signaling to vendors the evolving needs of their buyers and providing the client a data-supported narrative to share with buyers. Often, we start with an exercise to define what sustainability means for a client and assess what data is readily available. A definition that aligns with a company’s values can be instrumental for teams to understand how their role fits in the bigger picture.

The Framework is then paired with an Action Plan(s) to pilot new sustainability initiatives that build out or reinforce sustainability strategies and hone in messaging. MTI wraps up with a client presentation

to recap.

• Strategic Sustainability Framework

• Action Plan(s)

• Wrap-up Presentation

• Sustainability Definition Setting

• Data Assessment


about our Core Programs and Services


Can't quite find a service that suits your organization's sustainability needs?

We would like to know.

MTI can offer sustainability support and services outside our

Core Programs and Services.

Our Sustainability Certification Support program guides clients through every step to achieving certification - from selecting the right standard to preparing documentation to completing an audit. Using custom tools and templates and leveraging our team of experts, clients can feel confident this program will help them exceed the certification's requirements and maintain their certification year on year.

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